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Our flag ship locomotive - Peckett 2150 "Mardy Monster" is undergoing a major overhaul.   We hoped, when scheduling our current timetable, that the locomotive would be back in steam for Easter Saturday 2017, however this is now not going to be possible.  Here is a news release from our Board....


Elsecar Heritage Railway's Board of Trustees, with MR C. H. Stenton, joint owners of Mardy Monster, have commissioned an additional engineering inspection of Peckett 2150 Mardy Monster's frames and associated components. This due diligence recommends that additional work is carried out on Spring Hangers and Shackles before the engine is put back into service.

Without the new work, there is a risk that newly replaced motion components may experience excessive wear, undoing the investment made in the locomotive.

The owners have agreed that this work should be commissioned, as funds allow, therefore Mardy Monster will not be reentering service on Easter Saturday, as previously planned.

Mardy Monster fans will no doubt be disappointed by this news, but we are sure will support our vision and endeavour to ensure this unique locomotive returns to service having received the full attention it deserves.

Our Event - “Welcome Back Mardy Monster”, on Easter Saturday 15th April, will go ahead but rather than Mardy Monster being in steam, will focus on showing visitors the engineering progress with the locomotive. Planned work on the boiler and motion will be complete by then, though the locomotive may not now be reassembled. We are sure that visitors will appreciate the opportunity to closely examine work to date, as presented by our engineering team.

Our Sentinel Gala on Sunday 26th March continues as planned.

Andy Earl,
Elsecar Heritage Railway

We know that Mardy Monster has a large fan base who are eager to see the locomotive running again.   Like you we are sad that it will be a few months longer before she returns to steam, but we want to show you what we have been doing. So on Saturday 15th April we will open our workshops to visitors to get up close to Mardy Monster and see how the work is progressing.  Mardy's restored boiler, motion and wheels will be back to view and our engineers will be on hand to explain the work.  

There is no charge for this event, but please feel free to empty your wallets into our collecting buckets for the Mardy Monster fund!  So far we have spent well over £100,000 on the locomotive's overhaul, so we will be most grateful of your help to raise the funds needed to finish the job.

Passengers trains will run on this day, pulled by a steam engine (not Mardy Monster), at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00 and our normal fares apply for these.