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University Campus Barnsley and Barnsley College Travel and Tourism students launched a major living history project to remember, educate and celebrate the end of World War One (WW1) and the return of those involved to South Yorkshire on Tuesday 22nd May 2018.

Working with partner Great Place Wentworth and Elsecar, students have been working hard to create a commemoration over two weeks in November 2018, which focuses specifically on the demobilisation of troops, nurses and others at the front line to their homes around the UK between 1918 and 1920.

To achieve an authentic recreation, the students are partnering with Elsecar Heritage Railway and Elsecar Heritage Centre to portray the journey made by millions. To offer a truly authentic experience, steam locomotive No.813, built in 1904 in Leeds, and Great North of Scotland No.34, a six wheel railway carriage of the period, which will visit specially for the event from their homes at Kidderminster and Skipton respectively.

It is anticipated that 2,000 people will attend Home from the Front events in November 2018, which centre around students creating an immersive, 45 minute demobilisation experience including a 25 minute train trip using No.813 and No.34 with talented young actors on board telling the stories of those local people involved in WW1.

Members of the public are being invited to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign, making the event bigger and better by contributing towards the hire of a second railway carriage, also based in Skipton, which will complete the train, as well as other additions to the project. They are being offered rewards in return, such as event and performance tickets. £16,000 has already been secured through a variety of sources, but a further £4,000 is needed. STUDENTS NEED TO RAISE THIS MONEY TO MAKE THEIR PROJECT A NATIONALLY IMPORTANT MEMORIAL EVENT.

THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP! Follow the link to learn all about the project and how you can donate -

Oliver Edwards, Tourism Management student at UCB, said: “This project will help to strengthen relationships between students and the wider community, and will give practical skills for the future. We’re grateful to all our partners for their help to deliver this innovative project.”

Neil Johnson, Head of Sport, Public Services, Travel and Tourism at UCB, added: "We are delighted the students are leading this new and exciting event. It is a great opportunity for them to put the skills they learn at the university campus into a real-life setting."

Rachel Blake, Great Place Programme Manager, said: "Great Place is thrilled to support this innovative event in Elsecar. It will really bring local history to life."

Graham Noble, local WW1 historian who has been working with Elsecar Holy Trinity Church, went on to say "Researching the lives of local people during World War One has given us a great opportunity to learn about the impact the war had on the village. Through telling the stories of real people we can gain a wider understanding of how the community would have been affected during the demobilisation process".

Photos by Declan Hargreaves, Barnsley College Marketing Department, Stately Trains and Elsecar Holy Trinity Churcy.